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Calivino Front Signage

Our Story

At Calivino Wine Pub, we started on a foundation of Fine Wine, Craft Beer, and Brilliant Food. Since 2014, that foundation has changed length, width, and height; it as always been at the core of who we are as a restaurant.

Sure, we sell burgers and fries, salads and sides. But we source all of our food locally, that way it doesn’t have to be frozen solid meat, or week old produce covered in chemicals. Our team of chefs carefully crafted the food menu to not only pair with the drinks we offer, the ingredients of each plate are paired to themselves first. From the basic seasonings, to the types of oil bases, cheeses, and veggies, this isn’t going to be your typical cheeseburger and fries, or chicken pesto. If you’re looking for the ‘power’ in your business power lunch, the simple and fun date night with your significant other, or the meeting place for your group get together, our menu will never disappoint you for whatever the occasion.

The scene for craft brew has exploded over the last few years, and that good news for us, and you. From California to New York, and all over Europe and Asia, there is no shortage of incredible beer. Since we are a small business, we love supporting all the California and West Coast micro-breweries. The big name craft breweries will always have a spot on our beer board too, because consistency in variations is a big part of the seasonal beer offerings. Our draft list will always have a light to dark offering, the bottles and cans in the fridge too; you will never find sports and dive bar style beer here.

There is no need to sit here and try and tell you the estimated math between acres of grapes to gallons of wines, because everyone’s formula for that is too different. What matters most to us, is the fact we get to sit down with representatives directly from the wineries and taste their wines and hear the stories. The wines we try are exclusive to restaurants only, not to major chain retailers. So you’ll know when you come in that there (probably) won’t be anything you’ve had elsewhere, and we take pride in our core house wine list, as well as our monthly rotational and seasonal featured list. Whether it be a big Napa Cab, medium merlot, full Syrah, Italian Chianti, or German Riesling, our promise to you is to always have a wide selection of wine to fit every palate.

We take these three things very seriously, and we have the highest of standards for food safety, cleanliness, and smiling faces. If for any reason we have not lived up to these standards, or you feel our foundation has shifted in the wrong direction, please let us know immediately. We truly enjoy engaging with the passions of our wine makers and chefs, and we look forward to getting to share all of these with you on your visit in.

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